Impact Model

The International Labour Organization estimates that there are currently 20.9 million victims of human trafficking globally. The Freedom Lab focuses our initial efforts on breaking down the sex trafficking market within local US markets. Sexual exploitation generates the highest annual profits per victim by trafficking sector at an estimated global average of 4.5 times more than for labor exploitation. There are approximately 550 children sexually trafficked in the US per day. Despite the many institutions working to address human trafficking, the problem appears to be growing. We continue to lack a process to measure counter trafficking efforts underway in the U.S along with what impact they may have on preventing people from being trafficked. We believe that impactful interventions against complex systems must be synchronized across the trafficking cycle from prevention, prosecutions, protection and to rescue, recovery, reintegration. 

We continue to lack a process to measure counter trafficking efforts underway in the United States.

Our Tools


It is only through the continuous measurement of the trafficking markets that we are able to see where interventions have the greatest impact.

We are currently working with collaborators at MIT to build models to actively measure human trafficking markets. 


The data we generate across the globe have exponential potential to be used for profit, exploitation, and manipulation. 

It only takes action from us to put these data to use in the fight for freedom. We are working with government, academic, and industry partners to facilitate data access and utility. 


The power of many will always surpass the power of the individual. 

Hackathons offer a platform for teams of impassioned individuals to come together and solve big problems. 

The Freedom Lab kicked off our hacking series, Hacking 4 Freedom. Learn more about our partners and upcoming events at the link below:

Hacking 4 Freedom