Hackathon 2018

In partnership with the MIT Innovation Initiative, we are pleased to be hosting Hacking for Freedom, a hackathon to stop sex trafficking, this October in Cambridge, MA. 

Topic: Human Sex Trafficking Markets

Problem: As human trafficking markets are estimated to be the third largest and fastest growing illicit market globally. Due to inherently hidden nature of these activities, measuring and tracking human trafficking market activity presents complex challenges and requires creative cross-disciplinary solutions. 

Timeline: October 27-28, 2018 (See full agenda below.)

Location:  MIT STATA Center, Main Campus, Cambridge, MA

Hack challenge: Continuous tracking, measurement, and mapping of human sex trafficking markets.

The focus is on data analytics, using technology to understand the scope, prevalence, and complexity of sex trafficking systems in the US. Lack of accurate data and analytics is a major obstacle in assessing impact of policy, law enforcement initiatives and survivor services.

Technical solutions have the potential to be extraordinarily powerful given the increasingly extensive use of technology in this pattern of offending. However, the technical challenges are not trivial. At the same time, some of these groups are very low tech, which enables them to operate well below the radar.  Challenges exist across nature, scope, prevalence and complexity.  Different people -- victims, facilitators, and consumers -- are involved in trafficking for different reasons and in very different ways. With high levels of complexity, all these factors must be considered in addressing this challenge. 

The Prizes

  • 1st Place in each track: $1,000
  • 2nd Place in each track: $500

Hackathon Agenda

Saturday - 10/27/2018

09:00 AM           Workshop (optional)

12:00 PM             Registration and Networking Lunch

01:00 PM            Opening Remarks  

02:30 PM            Teams Begin Hacking

07:00 PM            Dinner 

11:00 PM              Hacking Ends for the night

Sunday - 10/28/2018


08:00 AM          Breakfast and Hack Resumes 

12:00 PM            Lunch is served

03:15 PM             Final Pitches Begin 

04:45 PM           Break/Judges Deliberate 

05:00 PM           Awards and Closing Remarks


Contact the Hacking for Freedom team with any questions at the below link.

Stay tuned for Mentors, Judges & Guest Speakers!

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