Breaking the cycle of human trafficking

About Us

The Freedom Lab functions as a laboratory for developing and testing innovative system-based counter human trafficking research, methods, cyber technologies, intelligence collection, and world altering ideas.

Our Mission

To break the cycle of human trafficking through innovation.  

Our Vision

 A nation free of slavery.

Who We Serve

We serve the community of victims, survivors, and those fighting against trafficking within the United States.

Our Strategy for Impact

Start small. Start local. Measure. Validate. Scale. Repeat.

Our Approach

We believe through driving research and development, creating and implementing system-based interventions, and coordinating funds across counter-trafficking entities we can disrupt localized human trafficking markets, measure impact, and scale effective solutions regionally and nationally. We take the following three-pronged approach:  

Research and Development

Source innovative research and development in counter trafficking through cutting edge academic, government, and private institutions. 

Synchronized System Interventions

Serve as a fusion cell to synchronize counter trafficking activities across governmental, non-profit, academic, and for-profit entities for systemic change within a target market. 

Coordination of Funds

Serve as a focal point for donors to strategically fund the most impactful interventions within a dynamic system to return the highest impact for donors in collaboration with our partner organizations. 



The Freedom Lab was founded as a non-profit organization in the summer of 2017 by two classmates at the MIT Sloan School of Management with the aim of bringing a systems dynamics approach to disrupt the sex trafficking industry within regional markets through innovation and providing resources to promote and support system-based counter trafficking efforts.